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Optional Add On - <a href='http://mxamxv.alternateleafs.com/'>jdb电子夺宝平台</a> Exam Flashcards

jdb电子夺宝平台 Exam Flashcards ($32)

Containing 500+ real estate terms and definitions, these flashcards are an essential tool for both visual and auditory learners preparing for the real estate exam.

Optional Add On - The Language of <a href='http://mxamxv.alternateleafs.com/'>jdb电子夺宝平台</a> Textbook

The Language of jdb电子夺宝平台 Textbook ($43)

像百科全书一样, this book provides explanations of real estate concepts, diagrams of home construction styles, and guides to real estate laws.

Optional Add On - Successful Tendencies of jdb电子夺宝平台 Champions

Successful Tendencies of jdb电子夺宝平台 Champions Vol. 1 & 2 ($25)

In these insightful volumes, Champions CEO and founder Rita Santamaria interviews top producers to see how they got their start in the industry.

Optional Add On - English-Spanish <a href='http://mxamxv.alternateleafs.com/'>jdb电子夺宝平台</a> Dictionary

English-Spanish jdb电子夺宝平台 Dictionary ($36)

With 2,000 real estate terms, this bilingual dictionary is invaluable for Spanish speakers. It also helps English speakers improve communication with bilingual clients.